Matthew Chung




• Is a McMaster University alumnus

• Has an Honours Bachelor of Music

• Studied Theory with William Renwick and piano with Alexi Gulenco

• Has 20+ years of experience playing piano, but he still sucks

• Selected for the SGCG apprenticeship program in 2015 – Mentored by god tier composer Tom Third (Shoot the Messenger, The Listener, reGENESIS, Queer as Folk)

• Won best score at the Southern Shorts Awards in 2017 (One, One Thousand)

• Won best score at the L.A Webfest in 2014 (Someone Not There)

• Nominated for best score at the T.O Webfest in 2015 (B-Movie: The Space Odyssey)

• Nominated for best score at the Kerry Film Festival in 2016 (The Dishwasher)

• Met Marko Koumoulas in Kindergarten, musical opposites

• Big fan of Thomas Newman, Patrick Watson, Rachel Portman and Dustin O’Halloran

• Favorite time signature is 4/4

• Rhythmically challenged

• Recorded music with a Korean trap lord once

• Hates writing in 3rd person

• Believes Border Collies and Australian Shepherds are the best dog breed

• Allergic to furry creatures, forsaken by the Gods

• Is a Retired Maple Syrup exporter

• Runs an in-home music school that services most of southern Ontario

• Nearly conned by a Nigerian export pirate named Mr. Johnson Kalu from Lagos

• Used to curl 60s at the gym

• Minimalist

• His Girlfriend shoots pictures of Drake and other rap people

•"Professional bio"

Marko Koumoulas

M.Mus, B.Mus



• Attending York University for his Masters in Music Composition

• Studied Music composition and performance under Matt Brubeck, Barry Elmes, Al Henderson, Lorne Lofsky and many more

• Is a multi-instrumentalist with years of experience playing Bass, Guitar, Saxophone, Didgeridoo

• Is currently developing the first musical lexicon for Digeridoo as his Master’s thesis

• His piece “Reincarnation Suite” was one of the five scores chosen Canada-wide by the Toronto Dim Sum Ensemble

• Well versed in odd/multi meters and world music

• Won best score at the L.A Webfest in 2014 (Someone Not There)

• Nominated for best score at the Kerry Film Festival in 2016 (The Dishwasher)

• His best friend is his dog Kosta, the most beautiful beagle of our time

• Hates Matthew

• Loves writing in 3rd person

• Big fan of Dave Matthews Band

• Knows everything about Korea

• Has been learning Korean for 5+ years

• Is in charge of most rhythmic sections in every song because Matthew is rhythmically challenged

• Doesn’t listen to film music

• Favourite TV shows include Running Man, Infinite Challenge and Lost

• Entire childhood comprised of playing soccer every single day

• Is a life-long Newcastle United fan and has never met anyone else who supports them

• Played in the top tier soccer league in all of Canada from ages 6-18

• Has traveled the world for youth soccer tournaments and has a ridiculous amount of trophies

• Had the opportunity to play soccer professionally

• Hates soccer

• Favourite sport is Basketball, watches the NBA every single day and is a die hard Toronto Raptors fan

• Plays on two local baseball teams during the summer months

• Professional fantasy sports player

• His girlfriend is a veterinarian

•"Professional bio"





T: (416) 618 9393